Around the Wall plus Shireen of al-Walaja

Proudly presented with Republica FC.

This documentary film follows a group of women footballers from the UK and Germany on the football trip of a lifetime to Palestine. Whether playing organised matches in West Bank refugee camps or informal kick-arounds on the rock-strewn pitches of hill-top villages of South Hebron, football is the common language as cultural barriers are crossed and new friendships established.

The film’s poignant testimonies highlight cultural issues surrounding local women’s participation in sport as well as the struggle to remain steadfast on their homelands.

Blue, 2018, 30 mins, UK, music by Hassan Erraji

We had a great Q&A with the filmmakers and footballers after and also showed

Shireen of al-Walaja

This award-winning documentary, from Friend of the Festival, Daz Chandler, provides an intimate portrait of the day-to-day life of a dynamic popular resistance leader from Palestine who left her full-time job with the UN to return to her home village of al-Walaja and fight for its survival. Shot on location over a four-year period, ‘Shireen of al-Walaja’ examines the philosophical and psychological drivers behind tireless resistance, providing a refreshingly candid and inspiring insight into just what it is that motivates someone to become a full-time activist.

Dir. Daz Chandler, 28 mins, 2015, Australia/Palestine

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