Discover Palestine


14th – 28th November


We offer you a menu of fascinating films: you decide what to watch, when to watch it and how much to pay.

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Annexation, Occuption, Defiance
Action-filled documentary shining a light on people who choose nonviolent strategies
Annexation, Occuption, Defiance
Gaza, One Football, One Leg
Game on for Gaza's young amputee footballers
As Seen Through Creative Eyes
Hakawati, the Last Storytellers
A 65-year-old couple of puppeteers set off on their last tour between Israel and Palestine
Annexation, Occuption, Defiance
Jews Step Forward
Twenty-four powerful voices from the American Jewish community describe their personal journeys
Annexation, Occuption, Defiance
Naila and the Uprising
Brings out of anonymity the courageous women activists who have remained on the margins of history – until now
As Seen Through Creative Eyes - 3 short films
Palestine Underground / Made in Palestine / Colors of Resistance
Annexation, Occuption, Defiance
Roadmap to Apartheid
A close look at why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system
As Seen By Children
Samouni Street (for adults)
Four kids, one family, war on Gaza
As Seen Through Creative Eyes
The Sunbird
A tender documentary about a creative act of dissent, a story of hope and peaceful resistance
As Seen By Children
The Tower (for all ages)
A young girl in a refugee camp learns about her family history through stories told by 3 generations
As Seen By Annemarie Jacir
Compelling comedy-drama of a father and son delivering wedding invitations
As Seen By Annemarie Jacir
When I Saw You
Warm, heartfelt drama, a story of the human spirit that knows no borders.