Useful Links

Palestinian Film links

Aljazeera: Palestine remix – allows you to re-mix your own documentary from Al Jazeera’s collection
Filmlab Palestine – run Palestine Cinema Days in the West Bank
Palcine Productions – a collective of filmmakers (directors, cinematographers, photographers, editors, music composers, designers and artists) based in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem area
Palestine Solidarity Campaign – Films about Palestine – listing of films, most of which are available on DVD over the internet – some are free downloads

Palestinian Film Festivals

Boston Palestinian Film Festival
Bristol Palestine Film Festival
Toronto Palestine Film Festival
DC Palestinian Film + Arts Festival (DCPFAF) (Washington)

Cultural groups

Artists for Palestine – a network of artists and cultural workers standing together for Palestinian rights and for a just resolution for Israel/Palestine. Individual artists can sign their pledge to support the cultural boycott
Palmusic – links British and Palestinian musicians, particularly young people. Brings Palestinian musicians to study and perform in Britain and sends British musicians and teachers to Palestine to enrich the cultural life of both nations
Palfest – annual festival of Palestinian literature in London
Palestine Music Expo – building a sustainable music industry in Palestine
We Are Not Numbers – Palestinian youth from Gaza and elsewhere tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news

Campaign groups

ADDAMEER – Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association that works to support Palestinian political prisoners
Amos Trust films  – Amos Trust is a small, creative human rights organisation, committed to challenging injustice, building hope and creating positive change
Breaking the Silence – veterans of the Israeli military expose the reality of everyday life in the occupied territories, with the aim of ending the occupation
ICAHD – the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is a human rights and peace organisation dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation
Jews for Justice for Palestinians – Jews in Britain campaigning for justice and peace in Israel and Palestine, and against the Israeli occupation
Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) – MAP works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees
Palestine Solidarity Campaign – the biggest UK organisation supporting Palestinian rights, with a network of active local groups

Useful blogs

Jonathan Cook blog – Jonathan Cook is an award-winning British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, since 2001
Writing from the Edge – Robert Cohen is a British Jewish writer and speaker based in North Yorkshire, a committed non-Zionist with radically disssenting views on Israel
Free Speech on Israel – Jewish non-zionist blog
Na’amod – British Jews seeking an end to Jewish support for the occupation

News media

Haaretz – Israeli news
Mondoweiss – American news blog on Israel, Palestine and USA
Aljazeera – Arabic independent news channel
International Middle East Media Centre (IMEMC) – a media centre developed by Palestinian and International journalists to provide independent and comprehensive media coverage of Israel-Palestine

Reading List

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