Fadia’s Tree


Seven Arts LS7 3PD


Arabic, English, English subtitles

Sarah Beddington’s film is a compelling documentary account of the director’s friendship with Fadia, a charismatic Palestinian woman and teacher who lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon but yearns to reconnect with her ancestral village in Palestine.

The film spans 15 years, during which time Beddington agreed to make the journey that Fadia was prevented from taking to the home village she has never seen - to find the mulberry tree that has taken on a totemic significance for generations of her displaced family.

Following directions from a blind man, and weaving in studies of migratory birds, Beddington’s journey carries a potent symbolic weight.

Speaker: Susan Simnett, producer of Fadia’s Tree
A remarkable film about memory, migration and a mulberry tree in Palestine...

Danny Leigh, Financial Times

This debut feature from Beddington combines personal testimony, historical explanation and natural history to create something quite remarkable.

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