Firefighters under Occupation

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In 2011 Fire Brigade Union member, Jim Malone was part of a FBU delegation that delivered fire fighting equipment to vastly under resourced firefighters in the West Bank.  This FBU-supported documentary made by South Wales firefighter and filmmaker, Ciaran Gibbons, follows Malone’s return trip to Palestine in 2015, and captures the moment he sees the donated fire appliance again. It gives a unique insight into the life of firefighters in the world’s longest running military occupation.

Fire Brigade Union members

Gibbons not only captures the spirit and passion of the Palestinian fire brigade but offers a fresh perspective on the conflict. Seen through the eyes of a group of everyday heroes rather than those of politicians and pundits, this is the story of firefighters braving much more than fire.

Palestinian Fire Brigade


We were delighted to have Jim Malone speak and answer questions after the film.  

Dir. Ciaran Gibbons, 2016, 100 mins, UK

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