Film Maker as Activist – an afternoon of short films and discussion with Jon Pullman

This event is ‘pay-as-you-feel’ – tickets can be reserved on Eventbrite.

The Forgotten

In a period of such catastrophic human displacement in the Middle East, few people realise that the largest single refugee population in the world remains that of the Palestinians, ejected from their lands in 1948 to make way for the founding of the state of Israel. The politics of power have since rendered these long-term dispossessed and stateless people a largely forgotten reality.

How can so many millions, in a region of such strategic importance and current media attention, be so politically abandoned and invisible? A short but powerful documentary.

Dir. Jon Pullman, 25 minutes, 2015, UK

The Lynching

Jon will also show a trailer and introduce the new film project he is planning with Jackie Walker who was suspended from the Labour Party last year for alleged anti-Semitism. This year her one-woman show The Lynching caused controversy at the Edinburgh Festival. Jackie is a signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Jon says: “This remarkably brave and determined woman has become the epicentre of the current anti-Semitism witch hunt across the UK and there is a danger that without strong and widely disseminated evidence to the contrary, people like her will be successfully used to undermine the Palestinian cause.”