Gaza One Football, One Leg

April 27, 2024 7:00 pm

Heart Centre LS6 3HN

Patrick Forget, 30 min, 2019, France

Part of double bill with Flying Paper/Return to Seifa Village

A joyful but uncompromising film following a Gazan amputees football team to their match against the French national amputees team in 2019.

Many young Gazans became amputees after being shot during the 'Great March of Return', mass non-violent protests at the fence separating Gaza from Israel in 2018.

With respect and empathy, the film focuses on the courage and the energy of these young men.

The film mingles memorable scenes in Gaza and France, sharing the lives of young Gazans over 4 days during training, rest, picnics at the beach, evenings with songs…

20 year old Bahaa, one of many shot by Israeli forces, felt like he hadn’t just lost a leg, but his entire future, until he was approached by Gaza’s first amputee football team.

“I was depressed and worried I couldn’t work anymore…Before I was injured, football had been very important to me and I thought I would never play again…I had to relearn the whole game again, I was learning the basics with a crutch.”

Q&A with Khaled Al Mabhouh, football coach from Gaza

Thanks to one of our volunteers, Darcy McBrinn, for this thoughtful reflection offering new insights into the films in this event.