How do I access the films in the programme?
Films and Festival Passes can be booked via the Leeds Palestinian Film Festival website, once purchased you can view each film by signing in through each film’s event page. Our full programme can be found here.

How do I access the speaker events?
Speaker events are free to view throughout the festival and can be accessed worldwide. Simply register via each event’s webpage, view upon its livestream, or watch between its release and the end of the festival (28th Nov). Our speaker event schedule is as follows:

How do I buy a ticket and watch a film?
Tickets can be purchased on each film’s event page via our website. Simply select ‘BUY’, sign-up if you haven’t already registered, select your chosen price option, enter your card details, and click ‘Access Content’ to view your purchased film(s).

How long are the films available?
Individually purchased films are available for 48 hours from your time of purchase, however if you’ve purchased a Festival Pass you can access all films at any point for an unlimited number of viewings throughout the festival period (14th – 28th November).

Where are the films I paid for?
Your purchased films are stored on your InPlayer account, which you registered for when first purchasing your film or Festival Pass. To access these films you simply need to go to each film’s event page on the Leeds Palestinian Film Festival website, ensure you’re signed-in via the video screen at the top of the page, and enjoy viewing.

What payment methods are accepted?
Credit and debit cards or Paypal

How much do films and events cost?
Leeds Palestinian Film Festival aims to operate as accessibly as possible. This means that all films, and the Festival Pass, are available to purchase on a ‘Pay-As-You-Feel’ sliding scale:

  • Individual film purchases are £3 / £5 / £10 / £20;
  • A Festival Pass is £25 / £30 / £40;
  • Speaker events require registration but are free to access.

I’m not based in the UK, what events can I watch / take part in?
A majority of our programme of films and speaker events are available worldwide, the ones restricted to UK-based audiences only include:

  • Wajib (Annemarie Jacir, 2018)
  • When I Saw You (Annemarie Jacir, 2012)
  • The Tower (Mats Grorud, 2018)

Films available worldwide, except the USA include:

  • Naila and the Uprising (Julia Bacha, 2017)

How do Festival Passes work?
A Festival Pass is available for UK audiences to purchase our whole programme in one. With the Festival Pass you’ll be able to watch any film at any time for the festival duration (14th-28th November), however this will be unavailable for audiences located outside the UK.

If I rent a film on the last day of its availability, will I still have 48 hours to watch it?
No. Unfortunately you will only be able to watch the films in our programme until 11.59pm, Saturday 28th November.

Is it possible for films to sell out?
The only films in our programme with limited tickets available are as follows:


What do I do if I’m experiencing technical issues with a film or event?
If you’re experiencing any technical difficulty then please visit our support centre support.inplayer.com to report the issue and get help.

I purchased a ticket for the wrong film or event, can I have a refund?
If you purchased a ticket for the wrong film please head to our support centre support.inplayer.com to report the issue.

Can I download films on my computer?
No, the films are not available to download.

I’ve purchased a film, but I’m unable to play it?
If you’re facing issues with playing a film we recommend manually adjusting the quality of the stream to a lower resolution, updating your Internet Browser to its latest version or trying a different Internet Browser. If you’re still facing issues, please head to support.inplayer.com for InPlayer’s full technical FAQs.

Can I play my purchased films on my TV?
To watch on a TV you will require a Smart TV. To stream on a Smart TV, you would need to use your TV’s browser to visit the webpage, log in, and watch the stream just like on your computer or tablet. Alternatively, you can connect your personal device playing the film to your TV via HDMI cable.


Will there be subtitles for films?
Subtitles are available for non-English language films in the programme. Details for each film’s language and subtitle availability can be found via each film’s event page on the Leeds Palestinian Film Festival website.


I am interested in providing Press coverage of the festival, who do I get in touch with?
Please get in touch with us by emailing info@leedspff.org.uk.

How can I contact you if my question isn’t answered here?
For any technical issues we recommend heading to support.inplayer.com for help, otherwise you can get in touch with us via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you can email us at info@leedspff.org.uk.