The Network of Photographers for Palestine

We are a collective of activists and photographers who seek to provide Palestinian photographers with a world-wide audience. In this way, we tell the story of Palestine as it is experienced now. We are aware that the photographic representation of Palestine in the mainstream media is often biased; we seek to correct this bias, and to encourage other activists to do likewise.

Another strand of our work is to facilitate visits of Palestinian photographers overseas. In 2017, we hosted the renowned photojournalist Hamde Abu Rahme on a tour of Scotland. Conversely, if British photographers want to visit Palestine we can provide travel advice and contacts in Palestine whom they may be interested to meet.

NPP started up in 2014 with its first exhibition “Not Afraid to Look”, marking the tenth anniversary of the death of the young photographer, Tom Hurndall, who was shot in Gaza by an Israeli army sniper in 2003. Tom lay in a coma before succumbing to his injuries a year later. This exhibition linked Gaza, Edinburgh, Olympia and London, and featured a discussion including Tom’s mother Jocelyn Hurndall as well as the parents of Rachel Corrie, speaking from the USA.

Over the last eight years we have mounted 17 exhibitions, some of which appeared in our online gallery at:
Descriptions of most of these can be found on our website at:

We are keen to create links with other organisations, and to help mount exhibitions in local communities wherever requested. Just contact us via our secretary, Phil Chetwynd, at who will provide you with the images of your choice and take you through some of the practicalities of curating photography exhibitions.

We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation (SC046699) registered by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.