Voices Across the Divide

In partnership with the Leeds Pax Christi group and the Leeds Justice and Peace Commission

The personal journey of American Jew, Alice Rothchild, raised on the dream of a Jewish homeland in Israel, as she explores the Palestinian experience of loss, occupation, statelessness, and immigration to the US. Alice recognised that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the most prominent debates in the US today, but there is often little space for compassionate listening or deepening awareness. Access to information about the conflict is shaped by powerful forces and organisations and she believes a better future is possible based on mutual respect and knowledge.

“To hear the stories of the Nakba told by those that experienced it reminds us how recent it was, and how critical it is for those still alive to see justice in their lifetimes. Voices Across the Divide is an essential film for all those who hope to one day see peace, justice and equality for Israelis and Palestinians”, Rabbi Alissa Wise from Jewish Voice for Peace.

Alice Rothchild & Sharon Mullally 2013 57 min USA