Palestinian Women – Creative & Courageous

To celebrate 2020 International Women’s Day we were delighted to screen The New Women of Gaza Film by Mariam Shahin

This film follows five strong-willed women who are doing their utmost to make a difference in Gaza in different walks of life – medicine, social work, photojournalism, music and local government. Despite the socio-economic conditions in Gaza, the five of them work to make life better for their families and communities.

A new generation of Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip have freed themselves psychologically of the restrictions that society places on them.

We had to change plans as our planned talk by Nawal Slemiah – Founder & Director of the Women in Hebron Co-operative was cancelled, given imminent border closures from Jordan.  Two amazing students, from Gaza stepped in to provide a fascinated Q & A session after the film.  Mariam & Reem, both studying at the University of Leeds, provided further proof of women pushing at the boundaries (they are extending their education in Water Engineering and Medicine).