‘Wall’ New Year 2020

Leeds Palestinian Film Festival are pleased to bring you this free repeat screening of ‘Wall’, shown previously at Screen Seven in November 2019 as part of the 2019 Leeds Palestinian Film Festival.

We especially welcome our supporters who came to see ‘Soufra’ at Woodhouse Community Centre and ‘In Between’ at Heart, Headingley, as a thank you for bearing with us in a year which has surprised us with rapidly growing audiences. We advise you to come early to be sure of a seat.

Complimentary refreshments and cakes will be served.

Reviews of Director Cam Christiansen’s film, which was seven years in the making, include: ‘brilliant animation’, ‘stupendous’, ‘sold out at Seven!’.

‘Wall’ is a compelling animated documentary that follows Sir David Hare’s journey to Palestine/Israel, as both his heart and mind are shaken by the incongruities and contradictions of life in the shadow of the wall.

Wall follows David on a trip to the Middle East to explore the immense impact the wall separating Israel and Palestine has had on the people of the region. Using advanced animation tools and 3D motion-capture footage, filmmaker Cam Christiansen employs a distinctive handcrafted approach that conveys the reality of the 708-kilometre barrier as no film has before.

Cam Christiansen 2017 82mins Canada