The Tower (for all ages)

Director: Mats Grorud (Norway)
Molly Stuart (2019) 75mins US
Release year: 2018
Length: 1h 14 mins
Arabic with English Subtitles

200 tickets only
A child’s perspective on the adult world, beautifully woven in animation, cartoons & photos. Norwegian Director Grorud spent a year culling stories at a Beirut refugee camp. From them, he crafted the tale of Wardi, a smart, shy 11 year old who was born in the camp and represents the fourth generation of her family living there. Wardi’s beloved great-grandfather Sidi gives her a key that she should take good care of in the future. Because Wardi wants to help Sidi and give him back his hope, she begins to ask questions about the past.
Filled with moments of bittersweet humor and shreds of hope

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