Conversation About Annemarie Jacir


Saeed Taji Farouky in conversation with Catriona Mahmoud

We are delighted to be celebrating the work of the acclaimed Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir this year.

Deepen your appreciation of her two successful dramas in our programme – When I Saw You and Wajib – by tuning in to this conversation about her work.

Saeed is a Palestinian documentary film-maker dedicated to promoting human rights and social justice through his documentaries. His latest documentary, Tell Spring Not to Come This Year, won two awards. He is a regular human rights speaker and educator with Amnesty International and has been teaching filmmaking and cinematography for over 10 years.

Catriona is a freelance programmer and marketer for various cinemas and film festivals across the UK. She is currently Programme and Marketing Director of Screen25, a community cinema in South London, and Social Media Manager of Leeds Palestinian Film Festival.