Rough Stage

An artist at heart, Maher, electrical engineer and former political prisoner wants to stage a contemporary dance performance in Ramallah. His family disapprove, money’s a problem and cultural problems intercede. Will he realise his dream despite barriers, both political and cultural? Toomas Jarvet’s Rough Stage employs breathtaking desert scenes and urban locations, set as a backdrop to Maher’s art.

The Promised Band

The Promised Band

The moving true story of an attempt to create dialogue and friendship between Israeli and Palestinian women, using the device of a rock band to help them cross physical, legal and cultural barriers. The women’s lives are deeply affected, in unexpected ways.

The Great Book Robbery

Film Poster

When Palestinians were expelled from their land in 1948, Israeli soldiers were accompanied by librarians as they entered Palestinian homes in many towns and villages. Their mission was to collect as many valuable books and manuscripts as possible.


Film poster

While many young people dream of leaving Gaza, Mohamed Jabaly, 24, wants to help. He aspires to make films, despite the lack of water and electricity, and closed borders that are part of “normal” everyday life under the seven-year Israeli blockade of Gaza.